Leeds East Academy


Achieving our Core Values

Mrs Carrie shares how we are accomplishing great results 

At Leeds East Academy we are determined to achieve an outstanding school culture which is upheld by our Core Values. Principal, Mrs Sarah Carrie, shares how we are accomplishing this. She writes:  

In recent weeks we have been working closely with both staff and students to discuss and establish what our core values might look and sound like in the academy. The purpose of this activity is to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure that the actions and behaviours which under pin our core values are those which our school community deem important and stand unified in demonstrating.

We have had some amazing suggestions from students in relation to this and are now looking forward to weaving these into our day to day practice through developing our ‘this is how we do it’ guide to excellence. This guide will make our expectations in terms of the core values explicitly clear so that they permeate throughout our academy.

It is our ambition to create a culture at East which quite simply astounds visitors. I am confident that we are well on our way to achieving to this as we recently had a visitor to our academy to conduct a review who commented:

 LEA has a very positive and welcoming environment. At the start of the day, staff are visible and present, ensuring that students are quiet and orderly as they move around the academy. Classrooms celebrate the work of students and some display key SMSC messages (e.g. British Values) Break times were calm and any boisterous behaviour was dealt with quickly and calmly by members of staff on duty. Positive student – staff relationships were observed, and the academy felt orderly, harmonious and happy.

We are extremely proud of our wonderful students and the pride they take in the academy and this resonates in the wonderful behaviour we are seeing from our student body. We are truly on an exceptional journey where together we will put our school and amazing students on the map for being an exceptional place to study, learn and grow.