Leeds East Academy


A New Maths Team

Counting up the numbers: An expanded team of Maths teachers

The Mathematics team at Leeds East Academy has much to celebrate and look forward to this year. Last year’s GCSE Maths results were the best the school has ever had and we are very proud of our students’ achievements. This success marks the start of our journey to outstanding and validates the transformational changes that were implemented in the Maths team in 2016/17.

This year, due to a relentless focus on recruitment of high-quality Maths colleagues, we have welcomed seven new members to the team. As a core subject, it is vital that students receive personalised learning to equip them for their challenging exams and this will be done through reduced class sizes and the very best classroom teaching. To accommodate this, the Maths team has expanded from eight colleagues in 2016/17 to thirteen this year.

New colleagues to the team have benefitted from high-quality training sessions since starting in September, to ensure that the high standards of 2016/17 have been in place from the beginning of the new school year. Newly qualified teachers in the Maths team are also enrolled in a bespoke continued professional development schedule that is delivered in-house. These training opportunities have had an immediate impact on behaviour, teaching and learning for students and is much improved in comparison to this time last year. 

In addition to Maths teaching roles, we are also excited to have recruited two colleagues with additional responsibilities to support the team. Natalie Pickering will oversee subject knowledge in Maths to ensure that our schemes of work and lessons represent the increased challenge of the new  GCSE specification. Louise Wisson will oversee the Key Stage 3 curriculum and outcomes, to ensure that our students are making excellent progress from the outset to achieve the highest grades possible when they reach Year 11.

Miranda Lala, Maths NQT, said:  "Joining Leeds East Academy has been a seamless transition into a large, enthusiastic and talented team, where we are able to collaborate and learn from one another. There are support systems in place that are consistently available to aid our practice, as well as a behaviour system that allows for an optimal learning environment. I could not have asked for a better start to the new academic year!"

With excellent new colleagues following the success of 2016/17, coupled with reduced class sizes, cutting-edge classroom facilities and a relentless focus and vision to be outstanding, the Maths team at Leeds East Academy is poised for success in 2017/18.