Leeds East Academy


A Forward-Thinking Pedagogy

A Teaching and Learning Strategy of Excellence

At Leeds East Academy we pride ourselves on placing high-quality teaching and learning at the centre of everything we do. As such, all students in every lesson can be assured that they are receiving the educational diet that they deserve as our staff implement the LEA Teaching and Learning Strategy.

Our priorities are very clear and our expectations of both students and staff are high. We expect all students to arrive promptly to class, ready to learn so that clear progress can be made in each lesson. Priority 1 ensures that lessons start in 60 seconds with a focused starter – this along with other criteria, sets the tone of our working climate and ensures students work at pace throughout the 50 minutes in any subject area as per Priority 2.

We have seen huge improvements in the quantity and quality of work in exercise books (Priority 3) and keep striving to showcase the progress made in each discipline. There is no doubt that our implementation of Red Zone to prepare our learners for exam success (Priority 4) has had a big impact on exam technique and as such, our outcomes as evidenced in the Summer 2017 GCSE results.

Ms Widnall: "We are thrilled with our achievements so far but keep striving towards outstanding. With our Teaching and Learning Strategy and rigorous quality assurance schedule, we know that we will soar to success with the hard work we are doing to give our students the best possible education."

Click here to download the Leeds East Academy T&L Strategy Overview