Leeds East Academy


A 21st Century School

An expanded infrastructure for outstanding learning

During the summer, Leeds East Academy underwent a £650,000 redevelopment programme which led to the creation of 11 new classrooms, ensuring the school continues to offer class sizes which average just 17.

The extensive redevelopment also included the remodelling of a Design and Technology room to create extra capacity in the English department. A new secure seclusion unit with computer access for all students attending the unit, now enables students to make focused progress in appropriate surroundings. In addition, a new on-site exclusion unit also allows students to attend school and fulfil their potential. A new moved room has also been relocated and now offers computer access for each and every student.

Ms Waller, Executive Administration Manager for the Academy, said: "To support security and safety, we have increased the CCTV system by 100%, ensuring all of our students are secure whilst at school. We have also installed 175 new classroom desks and created a new entrance and reception area exclusively for parents and students. We are delighted with how well our new plans have been deployed for this term and our school community is thriving thanks to our ongoing improvements in all areas of Academy life."

Mr Stokes adds: "We're investing in more teachers and the very best facilities to support the outcomes of each and every student at Leeds East Academy. Our expanded infrastructure supports outstanding learning, ensuring our young people fulfil their potential at every step of their learning journey."