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  • BTEC Sport - EDEXCEL
  • BTEC Travel and Tourism - EDEXCEL
  • BTEC Hospitality - EDEXCEL

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  Physical Education

For further information on the curriculum offered please contact the Academy F.A.O (Director of Learning for PE)

Physical Education

PE is a popular subject at Leeds East Academy and students achieve well. Students take part in a wide range of physical activities that develops their teamwork and communication skills. These include team games such as Football, Rugby, Netball and Basketball, net games such as Badminton, Tennis and Table Tennis and striking and fielding games such as Rounders, Cricket and Softball. Students also work on performing at maximum levels and reaching their personal best in Athletics and they develop their creativity and ability to accurately replicate actions in Gymnastics, Trampolining and Dance. 

In addition to this students take part in fitness session that develops understanding of their current levels of fitness and exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. In all areas of the PE curriculum pupils are encouraged to take the lead in small groups experiencing different roles in sport such as umpire, coach, score keeper, time keeper and captain. PE lessons regularly feature self and peer assessment where students evaluate their own and others performances making suggestions about how they can improve.

Students develop knowledge and understanding of the rules of each activity and are able to follow rules understanding their importance including reasons of safety. The PE department offers an extensive extra-curricular program every lunchtime and evening that includes Football for boys and girls in all year groups, Rugby, Gymnastics, Basketball, Badminton and Table Tennis. Students regularly represent the Academy in many of these sports and enjoy being part of a team.

We have strong community links with local clubs that involves students visiting clubs and club coaches coming into school to run session during lessons and after school. These links include the Leeds Rhinos/Leeds Rugby Foundation who we have a particularly strong link with, which has resulted in players visiting the school. The PE facilities are excellent and include a well equipped Sports Hall, Activity Studio and extensive outdoor spaces that include Tennis Courts, Netball Courts, Rugby and Football pitches and Athletics areas. Students who enjoy PE and achieve well at Key Stage 3 go on to study our popular BTEC Sport course where we have maintained a 100% pass rate over the last 3 years.


Safeguarding in sports