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Dance Year 7 Curriculum

Assignment 1


During Assignment 1 students will be introduced to the basic skills of contemporary Dance. These skills will allow students to form a solid understanding of safe practice, physical and expressive skills, enabling them to perform sequences accurately and precisely by developing their dance technique and understanding of what makes a successful performance.


Pupils will Participate in contemporary technique class developing a range of physical, expressive and technical skills, movement memory and accurate replication of movements through Learning, remembering and performing complex and challenging sequences of movement.


Pupils will be assessed in a short performance piece which will require the students to demonstrate a range of the above skills under assessment conditions. The assessment will be recorded and pupils will evaluate their work identifying strengths and areas for improvement.


Assignment 2


Assignment 2 will focus on the contrasting style of urban dance. Students will develop their understanding of the stylistic qualities of this genre and will learn to perform movements with correct technique and develop their understanding of a range of choreographic devices so they are able to choreograph short sequences successfully.


Over the course of this scheme of work students will work in groups to create a short urban dance piece using a range of choreographic devices and ideas which will be performed and assessed.


Assignment 3


In Assignment 3, students will develop their understanding of choreography through exploration of a range of different stimulus. Pupils will work in a variety of different relationships.


The main assessment will focus on Selection of appropriate aural setting, communicating choreographic intention, development of skills specific to working in a duet or trio eg: Musicality, sensitivity, Improvement of physical, technical and expressive skills. Development of choreography through application of choreographic devices, Introduction to structure and exploration of dynamics.

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