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Computing Year 7 Curriculum

Assignment 1


During Assignment 1 students will be introduced to the key computing hardware components, including storage, memory and the functions of a CPU. Students will also learn about the structure and technologies used in networks, alongside the features and functions of an operating system. Within assignment 1 students will also learn the fundamentals of Binary.


Students will be assessed electronically and through practical activities, and will be challenged to critically analyse the performance/ measurements of hardware components to identify suitable items for a given purpose/client.


Assignment 2


Assignment 2 will focus on students developing a more thorough understanding of binary and its role in computing systems. Students will learn how to convert numbers and data in Binary, Denary and Hexadecimal. Students will develop a critical understanding of how to act safely in the digital world, and how to protect systems from different forms of cyber attacks.


Students will also learn about the role of protocols in networking and the internet, whilst understanding cloud computing and the need for backups/version management. Speaking and listening skills will be assessed during this topic through a presentation on binary in computing. Homework will be completed through two half term long projects; students will be expected to complete part of the project each week with support from parents/carers and their teacher.


Assignment 3


Assignment 3 is a very practical programming project, where students will learn how to construct sequences in visual programming software including Scratch and Logo. Students will learn about the use selection and iteration, whilst developing an understanding of algorithms in the real world and in computing.


This assignment focusses heavily on students being able to deconstruct sequences of code to identify solutions, or write their own sequences to meet a particular need or problem. Students will review key concepts from Assignment 1 and 2 through the extended homework project.

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