Leeds East Academy


Case Study - High Ability 2017


Case Study A

Student A is in set 1 for one maths and is an upper ability pupil premium pupil. Student A is currently starting year 11 this year and already has a positive progress 8 score 9 months prior to taking her exams. She has had exceptional attendance throughout her time at Leeds East which currently stands at 100%. Student A was rewarded for her exceptional attendance with a ride in a helicopter over Leeds, which she thoroughly enjoyed and felt was a once in a lifetime experience. This student demonstrates an excellent attitude to learning and has received no negative comments and an outstanding number of reward stamps. Student A has attended after-school sessions focused on developing revision strategies to ensure she is able to achieve her high target. Professionals teaching this student have applied a range of personalisation strategies to ensure the relevant skills are being developed in class so that she can achieve her ambitious academy targets. Student A has attended classes focusing on how to revise and the impact of this has been reflected in the outcomes of her end of year 10 exams where she achieved a number of grade 6’s and 7’s across a range of subjects.


Case Study B

Student B’s is a high ability learner whose confidence has grown this year due to his participation in after-school Drama club. The impact of this has been commented on by his maths teacher who believes that in class he is now more confident to share his ideas and answer questions in lessons. Through increased verbal participation his teacher has been more accurately able to assess his progress due to the level of understanding he is now demonstrating. Student B is currently in year 8 and is already achieving the equivalent of a grade 7 in Maths. Student B is a high ability student whose attitude to learning has improved significantly this year due to the increase in his confidence. The number of reward stamps collected has increased by 20% from 2016 to 2017 resulting in him receiving 3385 reward stamps. He received a certificate in his rewards assembly for the excellent progress he has made over the course of the year.